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Embracing flexible working

In recent years, the traditional concept of a 9 to 5 office job has undergone a significant transformation. With technology advancements and shifting work cultures, the idea of flexible working has gained considerable traction in modern employment.

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How to navigate difficult discussions at work

Jonathan Hart-Smith, CK Group’s Chief Executive Officer, attended this year’s PIPA Conference alongside members of our Clinical Recruitment team. We were proud to be one of the speakers at the conference, and Jonathan gave a talk focussing on ‘Difficult Discussions at Work’. Read an overview of Jonathan’s talk here.

Taking the Positives from Criticism at Work

Feedback is a crucial component for personal and professional development. While positive feedback can boost morale, constructive criticism plays an equally vital role in growth and improvement. Instead of viewing criticism as a setback, choose to see it as a way to contribute to a more resilient and prosperous professional journey.

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7 hints and tips for using LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for job seekers to network, research companies and showcase their skills and experience. By connecting with other people in your network you can drastically enhance your career prospects; it is a valuable tool for personal branding and career development in the digital age.

5 Insights into the Current STEM Job Market in the UK

Russell Oakley, our Head of Business Development, attended the SkillsForward 2023 Conference on the 31st of October. While there at the Discovery Park, he covered which trends we are seeing in the current STEM job market in the UK.

5 ways to self-promote in the workplace

In today's competitive job market, self-promotion in the workplace a beneficial skill that can aid career advancement. Whilst many of us may find the idea of self-promotion uncomfortable, it's an essential aspect of building a successful career.

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PIPA Conference 2023 | 8th & 9th November

CK Group are proud to be speaking at this year’s PIPA conference, taking place the 8-9th November at De Vere Horsley Estate in Surrey. Our talk is taking place during the Breakout Sessions starting at 2pm on day 1. We will be focussing on Difficult Conversations, with our Director Jonathan Hart-Smith discussing some useful insights. […]

Benefits of setting a realistic work schedule

In todays fast-paced world, people often find themselves caught in a cycle of work and stress, neglecting their mental health in the pursuit of professional success. However, in reality, maintaining good mental health is crucial not only for personal wellbeing but also for long term career success. An effective way to achieve this is to set yourself a realistic work schedule that allows for balance and self-care.

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How to deal with working under pressure

Working under pressure is a common aspect of many jobs and can be challenging, but there are many strategies to effectively deal with it.

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Why work life balance is important for both employers and employees

Work life balance is crucial for both employers and employees, it contributes to the overall wellbeing and success of both parties.

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Avoiding Scams

We are aware that fraudsters may potentially be using our likeness to contact prospective job seekers via social messaging platforms; such as telegram and WhatsApp. Please be vigilant and feel free to confirm our identity by checking our ‘Meet Our Team’ page for our current consultants, and by contacting our consultants directly using the contact […]

10 Workplace Habits that Promote Good Mental Health

The workplace is where most people spend a substantial portion of their lives. It plays a crucial role in shaping our mental wellbeing. Forming positive workplace habits is essential for maintaining good mental health.

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Mental Health in the Workplace // Productivity and Wellbeing

As we progress professionally, our lives become increasingly intertwined with our jobs, employers and employees. Therefore, it is essential that we create a mentally healthy work environment.

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How to ask for feedback at work

Asking for feedback at work is an important way to improve and grow in your role.

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Taking initiative at work

Using your initiative at work is a valuable skill that can help you stand out as a proactive and resourceful employee.

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Manage your worries around job security

Managing worries around job security is important for maintaining your mental well-being and overall quality of life.

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Amy & Jocelyn are moving to the USA!

We're pleased to announce that Amy Lloyd and Jocelyn Blackham are moving to Boston as part of our US based team.

How to handle first day nerves

There are many ways to help ease first day nerves and assist you to have a successful first day.

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Skills vs Competencies: What are the differences?

Skills vs Competencies

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How often should I update my CV?

It is important that you always present the most up to date version when applying for jobs.

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